Tiny Mine Creations


ODYSSEUS. Homer’s hero of Troy and King of Ithaca.
This cat is typically a wanderer: independent, adventurous, wily and resourceful. However, home is where the heart is - this cat’s ultimate destination.


CLEOPATRA. A famous queen of Egypt, highly intelligent, vivacious and imaginative. The
prototype of the romantic femme fatale.
This intelligent cat adores attention. She is flirtatious and sensual.


FREYJA. The Norse goddess of fertility, love, battle and death.
Like her namesake, this cat, whilst loving, can be fiercely protective if threatened.

Tiny Mine Creations

Hello, thank you so much for visiting my website and supporting my small business. I am truly grateful to be where I am today. Because of you, I am able to pursue my dream as a Jewellery maker.

So here's a little bit about me...

If you didn't know already, I am obsessed with cats and all things cats. The star of the Bastet collection is my very own little mascot Chi Chi (the apple of my eye). I love sparkly things, crystals, books, animals and the stars. 

My love of Jewellery making began during my first evening class I went to in Sussex 6 years ago. I loved the smell of the workshop and the potential of creating something beautiful out of metal. I had always known I wanted to set up a business of my own one day and decided to go for it during lockdown.

My business name didn't take very long to think of. I've always adore watching The Lord of the Rings movies and have always been inspired by the elvish jewellery and the dwarves in the mines, hence 'mine' In mythological stories, elves and dwarves would craft fine Jewels and precious gemstones into metals such as gold and silver to give as gifts for the gods. 'Tiny' means, I am a tiny business and 'creations' because I create beautiful gifts for people to wear and enjoy forever.

Although I love spending time with my family and friends, I also love to spend time by myself. Making jewellery is just perfect for me, I can hide away, get creative and listen to my favourite music or podcasts in the comfort of my home.

I run jewellery workshops in Eastbourne and surrounding areas where I love to share my knowledge and meet new people. I truly believe being creative is good for your soul and its important we get out and try new things.

Hope you enjoy your visit.

With love,

Jenny x

This is one of the best purchases I have made in ages! I enquired about a custom order. the customer service was lovely and they made every effort to fulfil this. when it arrived I was amazed at how perfect it is!


Bought these as a Mother's Day gift and my mum absolutely loved them! And even around this busy time they still arrived speedily! Very happy <3


I bought a ring sizer, then had a beautiful custom made moonstone ring made. I wanted a large blue flashy moonstone, in a chunky setting. Jenny listened to what I wanted. when I received the ring it was better than I had imagined. I can't wait to order another ring!

Carol burgess